Our existing expertise for UX and JAMStack engineering makes Squareball a perfect fit for Crystallize powered applications

Crystallize is a super fast GraphQL based PIM service for headless eCommerce.   It enables our team to build beautiful and fast eCommerce experiences for any channel including web, mobile and kiosks.  Squareball Digital is pleased to be an official implementation partner for Crystallize .

Built-in Content Management

The content and all assets for pages are all fully defined and managed within a single platform.  Marketing content along with product information, checkout and account management all reside in Crystallize.   Rich media(images & videos) transcoded and resized in formats (including .webp for images and HD for videos), optimised for performance - the PageSpeed scores speak for themselves.


Content modelling starts with defining the atomic components of the information you are managing and the relations between different types of information 


Stripe and PayPal are both fully supported by Crystallize and available as part of the boilerplate as well as the SDK.    Other payment providers are fully supported, leveraging our existing expertise with payment gateways and flows.    User/Customer specific information (plans, recurring orders, subscription info, etc.) are stored in Crystallize.


We build everything using JAMStack, React & GraphQL - Squareball are product focused, specialise in custom builds and use headless CMS to support a roadmap including channels such as native apps and kiosks.

Flexibility on UI 

We work with fully customisable Crystallize Boilerplate as well as bespoke layouts and the platform choice means we are not locked to standardised templates or generic plugin architectures (eg. Woocommerce or Shopify).

Vendor Relationship

Crystallize are extremely forward thinking in terms of tech stack and product innovation - key reasons why Squareball are implementation partners.      We have a great relationship with their team including CEO, CTO, partner managers and engineers.      

We believe this adds lots of value to the project and future roadmap.   This will speak for itself when we meet as a combined team for the first live demo :)